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December 22, 2012
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Nick was the biggest jerk at school. He constantly had to change schools and whenever he did, he had to find somebody to become his mortal enemy. At this school, he chose Corey, the school's star quarterback. Unlike his earlier targets, Nick hated Corey on a more personal level. Corey got everything he wanted, just because he was the quarterback. Nick had to get everything by force, not because people liked him. Nick wanted to hurt Corey the most effective way possible.

One day, Nick was at home watching TV thinking of ways to hurt Corey without getting into a fight with one of the biggest guys at school. Suddenly, a commercial came on advertising a new local shop called Heavenly Gifts that claimed to have items of magical properties. Nick didn't believe this, but he figured it was worth a look. He drove there and found it filled with strange objects. Eventually, the shop owner, a middle-aged woman, came up to him.

"I can sense you want something out of an other.", the lady rambled.

"Yeah, I guess so...", Nick said hesitant and sure this woman was crazy.

"Let me show this.", she said, bringing out a bracelet with hearts on it. "This allows you to control the very reality around a single person. Everything you say about him or her will become true. Just get that person to simply hold onto the bracelet. Only you yourself will remember how life was before, unless you let someone else.", the woman explained.

Nick was definitely skeptical, but he did like the idea to change Corey into whatever person he wanted. "How much?", he asked albeit a little reluctant.

"Eight dollars.", the woman answered simply. Nick thought eight dollars was worth the risk of possibly making Corey's life better while simultaneously making his better. Needless to say, he paid and went home. He couldn't sleep that night. All the possibilities he could incur on Corey and no one would notice! Come to think of it, just torturing Corey for his own amusement would be petty if it was just for his amusement. He could control reality! He could make Corey into something that could generally make his life better. Like a girlfriend...

Nick followed Corey to his house until Corey went inside. He had to somehow sneak the bracelet onto Corey, but he had to stay hidden long enough for this to work. Nick knocked on the door and waited. However, instead of Corey coming out, it was his ten years old brother, Dave. This struck Nick with surprise at first, but he saw this as another way of getting the bracelet on Corey.

"What do want, sir? Are you one of Corey's friends?", the little boy asked.

"Yes,", Nick answered with a devilish smile. "And I need you to bring this friendship bracelet to him.", he said handing the kid the bracelet.

"Okay. It looks a little girley but if it's for my brother...", Dave started leaving. As he was leaving, Nick had a brilliant idea. One that make his life better and destroy Corey.

"Corey's brother is right in front of me.", Nick said. Suddenly, Dave appeared right in front of him without any look of surprise.

"You know, I forgot why I came by you.", he said forgetfully.

"I was going to walk you to your house."

"I know, but this is my house."

"Hmmm... Tell me who are your parents?"

"Martin and Lisa Dennis. Why?"

"Because you're wrong. Your parents are Katsumi and Hiroshi Sato. Y'all live right across my house." Suddenly, the bracelet shined at Dave started changing. His entire DNA and history was changing before Nick's eyes. His skin became more yellowish and his eyes gained Epicanthic folds, officially making him Asian, Japanese-Korean to be exact as per his new parents. His hair then started to turn from blonde to brown. The rest of his body twinged ever so slightly to accomodate his new genetics. Dave Dennis had never existed, rather Hiro Sato had. He blinked in momentary confusion, but it rubbed off.

"Right. How did I forget my own parents?", Hiro wondered with a slight Asian accent.

"I dunno. But we better get going. The guy who lives here, Corey Dennis, thinks you're his brother Dave. For some reason.", Nick said knowingly.

"Why would he think that?"

"I dunno, maybe he's just crazy."

Delighted about how good the bracelet worked Nick continued with his plan.

"I don't know what's wrong with me,", Hiro wondered. "But I can't remember why you have to bring me over to my place. I know where I live."

"I know, but I can't keep myself from helping a girl like you." That's when the changes setted in. Hiro's hips flared out a little, whereas at the same time his belly retracted a little. His hair grew, until it reached a little below his shoulders and his skin became soft and smooth. The boy's arms and legs grew a little more slender and he shrank by two inches. With a small gasp she signaled the departure of her manhood, while at the same time two small A-cup breasts slightly pushed out her top. Her school uniform changed slightly to accomodate her new form. Hiro almost had time to react before reality rippled again. There was never a Dave Dennis nor a Hiro Sato. There had only been Asami Sato.

"That's awfully kind of you, mister.", Asami thanked. "Wish I was old enough to be your girlfriend."

"I don't see why you say that. You are eighteen, afterall." At once Asami began to age. Her hair grew even longer, until it reached her hips. Her breasts grew to large C-cups and her butt and hips widened greatly. Her fingernails even became manicured and her face was styled in make-up. Sadly her clothes didn't grow with her and started ripping, because of course they were much too small now. Nick frowned.

"Can't have that…" he grinned "At least not yet and not here. Asami, I must admit those are some sexy clothes you're wearing." Her clothing instantly changed into exactly what Nick wanted to see. Her school uniform shirt turned into a tight, revealing t-shirt of Nick's favorite football team. Her ripped skirt transformed into a tight pair of khaki skinny jeans with a belt around them. Asami was a little more dazed about this change, but she easily shaked it off.

"Why thank you, sir.," she said flirtacously. Asami blushed as she saw how much her clothes showed. However, she knew that it was her own fault. "I should be more careful about the clothes I pick to go outside… By the way, I don't think I ever caught your name."

Nick grinned. "Don't remember your own boyfriend, Asami? Or are you playing games with me?" Asami felt a little dizzy, but that soon faded and she flashed a warm smile at Nick. It didn't take much as that little comment reminded her of all the glorious times they'd had together over their 11-month relationship.
"You got me on that one.", she teased. "You know I couldn't forget you on our one-year anniversary. What were we going to do again?"

"I'll tell you when we get to your house."
The first part of my first full story. Based on a caption I requested from [link]. Written in collaboration with [link]. I enjoy your feedback.
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beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Two things. I'd definitely take  Asami as a girlfriend. Also, I find it ironic the school jerk gets hold of it. I haven't seen that happen before.
beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Also, she's a good looker. 
beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
And when I mean deal, I mean the eight dollars for the bracelet.
beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
I'm actually jealous of Nick (I'm so lonely)
beetlelion12 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
I take that deal in a heart beat! And I'm not kidding
jaynemaria Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
sould like a great beining would love to read more
DancingSpartan Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
Feel free to read more then! :D
RagingSpartan Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Another spartan?

Cool story
DancingSpartan Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Thank you, Spartan.
Derrrp211 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
It's good! I hope you post the scone one on her too.
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